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Provision of medical services to patients who refer to emergency rooms is an important issue in the healthcare system. Despite the medical advances in recent years and flourish of specialty and subspecialty fields, there has been lack of adequate enhancement in the quality of emergency services. The idea of creating emergency medicine field of study has been due to such problems. While many fields have been established due to a wide range of scientific information and new discoveries, emergency medicine has been formed just to response to health-related needs and demands of society members. Academic emergency medicine was first established in University of Cincinnati Ohio in America 50 years ago by training the first group of assistants to respond to increased public demands for 24-hour access to high-quality and specialized medical care. Ability of specialized field of emergency medicine in improvement of level of care and increasing patient satisfaction on one hand, and many clinical attractiveness of the field due to its vibrant and diverse nature on the other have turned this field into one of the most popular fields of medicine in a short time. In addition to consolidation of its position as the second competitive field in assistant entrance exam, emergency medicine has emerged in more than 40 countries. Establishment of this field in Iran was first approved in meeting of the council of graduate medical education of the country in 1996. First, establishment of this field was introduced as a strategic plan by the ministry of health and medical education in 2000. Following that, Iran University of Medical Sciences obtained the license from development council of universities, starting its mission which was training the first group of emergency medicine assistants. Today and after 16 years of this successful experience and with the establishment of new assistant training centers in various universities of medical sciences, specialized approach to the phenomenon of emergency medicine has turned into a national model.  







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